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Just a quick update for all of Ed's fans! CLICK HERE for an article about his new arrivals. The proud Dad and his family are all very happy & doing well! Don't for get watch his new show NATIONAL BINGO NIGHT on ABC, Friday nights (check your local listings for times). And last but not least don't forget to check out what we are now selling in the STORE. You can buy a t-shirt just like the one Ed wears! That's the update for now...check back soon when Ed continues to add to his BLOG. Thanks!


Hello gang, I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe. As always thank you so much for the continued get well emails and support. It still overwhelms me with how much love and thanks you guys have given me! I really will never forget this moment in my life! THANK YOU!

In my last blog, which was a while ago I said that I had something very exciting to tell you about, and that I really needed all of your help with. Well here it is, I have just got my own Game show, called “National Bingo Night!” I know some of you probably already know especially as they have just started airing the commercials. I am really excited about the chance to actually host my own show especially in America. Before I go any further, NO, I HAVE NOT LEFT EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION! In fact we are getting ready to start our next season, which we start filming in June, which everyone is very excited about.

I am, and always have been so proud to be apart of this show. I have been working in T.V. in London, England for nearly 20 years and have never once been involved in a show like this. As you guys have been such a big part of my life for the last three years I feel I need to tell you why I am taking on a new show.

Since I was about eleven I have been involved in T.V. and entertainment in some form or another, Mainly acting when I was young, and since the age of eighteen I have been hosting or as we call it in London, “presenting”.

Now you are probably wondering where the furniture making comes from, well my Dad told me at the age of sixteen that he would like me to get some kind of trade to fall back on if the T.V. stuff didn’t work out. So I took his advice and he sent me to carpentry school for five years to learn furniture making and sculpting. I must admit I have really enjoyed making things ever since, but if I am honest my heart has always been in entertaining. So when I got the call to be apart of the design team on Extreme Makeover, you can imagine I was so happy to be doing two of the things I loved most T.V. and building furniture.

However I knew that my first show in America would label me as a Carpenter and I kind of knew that it would probably be very hard to then be taken seriously as an experienced host with nearly fifteen years of hosting experience. Especially in the eyes of television executives. After nearly three years on the show I know now that I made the right choice, but it has come at a cost.

The most obvious is my family whom I have not seen that much of. Now I know you guys know me on the show and that is pretty much who I am, but what you might not know is that my family is the most important part of my life and to be honest I REALLY MISS MY WIFE AND SON.

I know a lot of you out there already know that my wife and I are expecting TRIPLETS!!! They should be here in the next couple of weeks. To say we are excited but nervous is an understatement. This is also another reason why I cannot be on the road as much. There is no way I can feel comfortable being away from my wife to let here raise our triplets and our son, whose life during the last three years I have missed a lot of and unfortunately can never get back. Now I knew this when I accepted the job, but for me now, it is not fair on my family.

After the support and love you guys have shown me and the fact I am not even an American, but one of those funny speaking people who drinks a lot of tea (LOL!!!) I just wanted to let you all know what was going on!

I will continue to be on Extreme Makeover but I will only be doing about five shows a year. I hope you guys can all understand why I have to do this. This new show will allow me to film in a studio about half an hour from where we live, which means I can be home a lot more and be with my family which means the world to me. Plus I can continue hosting which is what I originally moved to America for, and finally I can still be apart of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and help out great families.

I really hope you all enjoy my new show as much as you have “Extreme Makeover”. What is great about both shows is that they are both family oriented. Also, “National Bingo Night” is an interactive game show that you and your family can play along with at home, and win great prizes, plus it really is a lot of fun!

As I said at the beginning, here comes the part where I need your help; if you could be so kind as to tell 10,000 of your closest friends to tell their friends to watch my new show, I would deeply appreciate it, hee hee!!!!!!!! I truly do hope you enjoy it.

As always, thanks for reading and please all stay safe and be lucky, Ed

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CORTISONE? (3.16.07)

Okay gang, I feel a little bit silly. As I stated in my last blog I have never heard of cortisone. So when I spelt it quarterzone I thought I was spelling it correctly, I was positive Dr. lubbers had said "this is quar-ter-zone, Ed get ready my friend it is going to hurt". Well if it hadn't been for the thousands of people who emailed me or stopped me in the street to say, Ed, it's spelled and pronounced cortisone! I would still be calling it quar-ter-zone! So thank you everyone for pointing that out, I really did go to school, honest!!!! Well guys, we have just door knocked our latest family in Kansas, MO. We door knocked on Sunday 11th March. So if any of you lovely people are reading this and you live in the area come on down and say hello!!! We hand the house back this Sunday 18th March.

So, a lot is happening at the moment, my wife and the triplets are doing great, all of the ultra-sounds so far have been perfect. All three are growing at the appropriate rate, which has been VERY, VERY uncomfortable for my wife who has been unbelievable throughout the whole pregnancy. Ladies I really have no idea how you all do this thing called "pregnancy", most of us guys complain when we have a little headache, come on fellas admit it, we do complain over the smallest of problems, and then theres our beautiful good ladies basically carrying around a bag of potatoes strapped to their stomach's for practically a year like its nothing at all. Shame on us lads, shame!!!! LOL!

We told our little boy that he was going to have three sisters and WOW! We were not expecting the response. Forty-five minutes of hysterical crying telling us we were wrong, it was going to be is two girls and a little boy for him to play with. However the next morning was something my wife and I were not expecting. Our little boy climbed into bed with us and wrapped his arms around my neck, squeezed me tight and said "Dada I am sorry for shouting and crying last night, I am very happy to be having three sisters". Well, I looked at my wife stunned and whispered, "Is he really four!" That is the greatest thing about kids, they say the purest things that are totally unedited which means you know they mean it. Well I have got to go as we have just placed the first floor on the new house, and I have to go on camera and talk about it. Stay well, be safe and be lucky!

p.s. on my next entry, I will be letting you know about something very exciting that I really, really need all of your help with!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok gang so before I start this next entry, let me tell you that we just door knocked our 20th family (2/15/07) in Lawton Oklahoma of the fourth season. We our now five families away from being half way through our goal of building a home for a great family in all fifty states.

Now for the entry. Where do I begin to explain how much this last show that aired on 2/11/07 has affected me. It wasn't just the show itself but the response from all of you guys who went to my site after, and when I say you guys I really mean you guys. There have been thousands of you leaving me some of the kindest emails I have read, ever!

There is no way I can answer all of your questions personally, it would take me the best part of five years! So what I plan to do is answer some of your questions as best I can, the good thing for me is that a lot of you have asked the same questions!

Question 1: When did the accident happen?

The accident happened on November18th 2006. It was at about 3.00pm on a Saturday. After it happened I was just in a state of shock as to how I was going to cope. I know Dr. Lubbers said it would be fine, but to be honest I was nervous about the outcome.

Question 2: Was it as painful as it looks?

This made me chuckle, in a good way. believe it or not, it was actually more painful than it looked. Although it happened nearly three months ago there is one thing my mind keeps playing back and I have know idea why. It wasn't the feeling of the blade cutting me or the blood or even the sight of the bloody wound (sorry for getting all dark and morbid). It was actually the sound. Now I know I had my ear buds in and I couldn't hear anything but what I heard was the vibration of the machine cutting my hand. The vibration then traveled up my arm across my shoulder up my neck and into my ear canal. It sounded like a dentist drill drilling into concrete. That is what my mind keeps playing over and over! (Again, sorry for the goriness).

Question 3: What was the machine that cut you?

The machine I was using is called a mini-angle grinder. With the right blade you can cut stone, metal or wood. The wood blade is the only one with sharp teeth, but don't let that fool you. The machine spins at over 12,000rpm, trust me any of the different blades you could use would cut you. This is why a lot of people call the angle-grinder one of the most dangerous power tools in the business. It is just very unforgiving. It did not also help the fact that blade I was using had chainsaw sized teeth on it. I cringe every time I think about it. At this point I hope I am not making too many people ill. If I am I'm sorry, it may help if you stop reading and pick up tomorrow!

Question 4: How many stitches did you have?

I had over two hundred and fifty stitches to repair my tendons, my arteries, and my nerves and to then close the cut. I was stunned at how precise Dr. Lubbers hand was. I was told by one of the shows cameramen, a great guy called Dave Landry who filmed the surgery that Dr. Lubbers was stitching up nerves that were one twenty-fifth of an inch. Believe me, if you don't know how small that is, let me tell you its small.

Question 5: How much blood did you lose?

I am not making these questions up! This is what some people want to know. Some people told me that it was nearly one liter. If I hadn't cut arteries it would have been a lot less.

Question 6: Do you have to have any more surgeries?

Here is the thing that I am a little bit worried about. I cut my hand so badly I have given myself a few problems. No.1, I tore out my nerve in the back of my thumb and it will not grow back unless they take the nerve out of my ankle. No.2, I have done a lot of damage to my pinky finger, which included, tendon damage, artery damage and nerve damage. My pinky seems to be cold all the time even when the rest of my hand is warm. Finally No. 3 is the scar, it is so long about six inches long and it is traveling across my palm at an angle between the base of my thumb to the base of my little finger. As it heals it wants to pull my thumb and little finger towards each other, which can get to be quite painful. Now all of these problems can be solved with, yes you've guessed it more SURGERY!!!!! Me personally I am wishing for the hand fairy to visit me one night and sprinkle some fairy hand dust over my hand and I'll wake up all better. This is a bizarre way of saying I do not want any more surgery. However my beautiful wife Gioia, who has a lot of common sense, and Dr. Lubbers, who is and incredible surgeon, have both said that before the accident my hand worked perfectly, so why wouldn't I want to have a perfect working hand now! Dr. Lubbers has said that he can do all three surgeries at once, which is great, but it just means more rehabilitation for me, which will slow me down. As I am writing this I know what I should do, even if it will be difficult in the short term.

Question: Are you expected to make a full recovery!

At this present moment in time, Dr. Lubbers has said that I am about three months ahead of schedule. He also expects me to get a near normal function, which could get even better if I have the other surgery!

I am really hoping that this answers some of your questions because I would love to personally answer each and every one of your emails, but like I said earlier, there are so many, it would take me a lifetime! Which brings me to my last point; I mentioned it briefly at the beginning of this entry. I am really, really floored by the huge amount of love and support you have all shown me. If someone had told me that after the 2-11 show aired, you would receive thousands of emails to your website, I would never have believed it.

The flag project was a real challenge for Anthony and I (he was the other bald headed guy who helped me), but we knew from the moment we started, it was going to be something special, and it just took on a life of its own. It really will be one project I will never, ever forget, for many reasons. I will also let all of you know, via my blog, when I officially become an American. I really did mean what I said about looking forward to the day I can call myself an American.

The other big news that people aren't too sure about is if wife and I are really having triplets. Well the answer is yes, yes, yes. They are due around the middle of June 2007, but our doctor has said that they might be two months premature. So that means they could make their appearance around April or May.

So as my wife, our four--year-old son and I all wait patiently yet nervously for the new additions to arrive, I have been thinking about how much longer I can carry on with this schedule. I really am between a rock and a hard place, because as much as I love this show and what it stands for, my family has and always will be my number one priority. I am sure we will find a way to come up with a happy medium.

Thanks again to all of you, for everything, you are all DIAMONDS!!!

Please all stay safe and be lucky, Ed

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Ok gang, so far I have made it two for two. I promised I would do my best to keep you all up to date on whats going on. So far Ty, Preston, Eduardo, Paige and Tanya are down in Florida about to hand back another house to another great family. I was supposed to be on that build but my hand was still playing up and the boss, Denise, said she would feel happier if I took it off and rested. I am not going to lie but it was great to be with my real family as opposed to being with my TV family(as much as I love them). It is always great to spend time with the people you love even if it is only for a couple of days.

So I am currently on a plane flying back to LA after being in Ohio where I first cut my hand. I have to go back every couple of weeks because Dr. Lubbers wants me to see only him, as he knows exactly what was done to my hand. The prognosis friends, is looking great. He is very happy with the way it is healing and says by May I should be able to start building again which is going to be great. Denise my producer has said that she still wants me on the show, but just talking about my project while our volunteers build it for me. You have no idea how much this frustrates me as I have built nearly all of my projects over the last two and a bit years!

I get such a proud feeling knowing that a family will get years and years of use out of what I have made them. In fact to be honest I have to say that I would not get half of my projects built or finished if it was not for the great help we get from local carpenters and volunteers on every show. You see I need help as my projects are usually too big for one person to build in four and a bit days.

Just so you all know, the show that I injured my hand, airs on February 11th 2007. As far as I know it is a two-hour show. Well I hope the New Year is treating all of you well and you are managing to stick to your new years resolutions, it is very hard I know. If you are like me you will have made about half a dozen, but writing on my blog, I intend too try and keep going. I must admit I am getting faster and faster when it comes to typing, I am up to about 15 words a minute.

From now on I am going to refer to Denise who is my boss, as the boss. So the boss has told me that I might have a show coming up at the end of January. I will of course keep my promise to let you all know which state and city we are in as soon as we door knock the family, so keep an eye out!!!!!

Friends I have to go now as the air steward has told us to turn off all electrical devises, as we are coming into land, and it has already taken me three and a half minuets to write this last sentence. We are in the middle of January and I have eight flights under my belt already! Friends it is going to be a long year!!!!!!

Please all stay safe and be lucky, Ed

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Hello gang! I hope you are all well and safe and enjoying the New Year and sticking to those new years resolutions. Me personally, well I have kept one and have failed one. The one I have failed is to try and get to the gym at least four times a week. I am going four times, however it is four times in the last month, and the tiny potbelly I have growing is proof of that! I shall do my best this month. I PROMISE!

As I write this it is 10.05pm on a Thursday evening and I am currently sitting in terminal 2 of LAX airport in Los Angeles. To date I have seen the inside of every terminal at LAX over one hundred and fifty times in the last two and a bit years. Believe me it does not get any prettier and the food does not get any tastier. The other thing that stays the same is the outcome, but thats a good thing! It's a good thing because it means a family is hopefully a lot better off and a lot happier having been given an Extreme Makeover.

I am waiting at the gate for the red eye flight to Orlando FL. I am going there to attend a home show for two days and then leave there on Sunday to go Back to Ohio to watch the Extreme Makeover show where I nearly cut my hand off with the doctors and nurses who stitched it back up. I must admit I am really looking forward to seeing everyone on a more relaxed basis, instead of intense hand therapy sessions. After that I leave on Wednesday 14th to go to my next makeover show. I can't say where yet until we door knock, after that then I can spill the beans.

The other resolution that I have managed to keep is the writing of this blog. As long as you guys read it I will carry on writing it. It actually helps me pass the time at these airports that I seem to be living in.

Well friends that is the sound of the air steward telling us to board the plane, so I will have to say good bye and be lucky for now. Wish me luck on my fourteenth flight this year.

Please all stay safe and be lucky, Ed

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Hello friends and welcome to a very very late blog. I have to say that I am really not that up to date when it comes to computers and the Internet. My wife Gioia and her best friend Christina who is the person who built my site have said to me time and time again "when are you going to start to write your blog" well friends here I go!

Before I go any further happy new year and also a big thank you to all of you who have written to my site over the last year and a half. I have enjoyed reading all your emails and only wish I could write back to you. When the site first started I did respond but after about a month and a bit it just went crazy! So because I cannot write back I will do my best to update this blog on a monthly basis.

Wow this is going to be tough, where do I start to begin to tell you all how this show has been a huge part of my life for the last two and a quarter years. I now wish I had started this blog two and a quarter years ago, sorry Stina (just so you know that is what me and my wife call Christina). Well I can't believe that ABC, Endemol and a guy called Tom Forman took a gamble on a bald headed Englishman like me, Yes English not Australian, Brazilian, French, South African, Irish, Scottish, or my personal favorite Russian. I am sorry to disappoint you all but I am just plain old English with a very strong London accent. I have been called so many nationalities over the last three years of being in this country I always look forward to the next funny guess! So where was I, oh yes ABC, Endemol and Tom Forman taking a gamble on me. I could not believe it when my agent called me in August 2004 and tells me that the producers from Extreme Makeover Home Edition or EMHE for short wanted to see me. I kept thinking to myself why would they want a bald headed limey on their number 1 rated show. Just so you all know a limey is an American slang term for an Englishman. So I went along to chat with one of the producers a lovely lady by the name of Julie. She knew that I had done a lot of shows, acting and hosting back in London over the last twenty years but she wanted to know if I had any building experience so I told her that in between shows I had always built furniture and every now and then I would help my Dad out with his building company. She replied "perfect" we'll be in touch and I left thinking there is no way in this life I will ever hear back but she told the boss of the show Tom and he told Endemol and ABC that they would like to use me and the rest is history!

Now I have to admit I had no idea how grueling, crazy and demanding the schedule would be but in turn never realized how rewarding, fulfilling and amazing this experience would be. Over the last couple of years I have met not only some amazing families who have touched my life in an unbelievable way, but also some amazing people who come to volunteer as well. When I say this, I mean the contractors, vendors, sub-contractors, volunteers and the fans that come to each and every show. People often say to me that there are not enough good people in the world, well friends I would have to beg to differ. I know for a fact that this show brings out the very best in people and I get to experience it first hand. I have always said, and I do not want this to sound corny but I think everyone who helps out on this show are little angles without wings. You would really have to come to the filming of a show to experience what I am talking about, and theres a good chance a lot of you can, as we are trying to build houses for families in all 50 states. We film this show ten and a half months of the year, which means we are not home too much. Believe me you really need an understanding wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend waiting for you at home because you hardly get to see them. My wife Gioia has truly been unreal to allow me to be away so much, I really do owe her a big thank you, so sweetheart "thank you"!

Over the last twenty years of doing television I have never gotten injured while on the job. However over the two and a quarter years of doing EMHE I have hurt myself twice. Now you might think that this is not to bad, after all I am on a show about building, well yes that wouldnt be to bad if my two injuries were a splinter and maybe a little scratch. Unfortunately I do not do things by half, oh no. If I am going to injure myself I am going to do it properly.

The first one being back in March 2005 when I put on new work boots without breaking them in. Now I know what you are thinking, your probably thinking this guy should know better, well yes I know, but hey we all make mistakes even Australian, Brazilian, French, South African, Irish, Scottish, and Russian Englishmen. So there I am with a brand new pair of very stiff work boots on. Now I wear them all day because I did not take a back up pair of boots with me to build in, and boy did I regret that! I get home that night and slowly take off my boots with tears in my eyes and then begin to unpeel my socks that are now welded to two huge blisters on the backs of both of the heels of my feet. The blisters were the size of quarters! What possessed me to do what I did next I will never know.

Back in London whenever I got a blister on my palm from hammering or holding a chisel for a long time I would just dab a little aftershave on it to dry it up. I think it had something to do with the alcohol in it. So thats what I did that night in my cozy hotel room in Arizona. The only trouble was that these two blisters were huge and there was no way a little dab would do it so over the course of the next 20mins I emptied a quarter bottle of after shave on them. Now lads you know how painful it is when you put on aftershave straight after you are done shaving, well the only way I can describe to you the pain is it was like dipping your feet into boiling hot hydrochloric acid, and then taking them out to cool them off in vinegar. I am positive that they heard my screams in the neighboring hotel. Now again you are probably thinking, wow and they actually let this guy on T.V.

Most normal people would have stopped there, oh not me; I decided to stew my feet in aftershave-covered socks for the entire night, again using another one quarter of a bottle of new aftershave.

So there I am lying in bed the morning after the night before where I had literally passed out from the pain. As I lay there I felt an unusual feeling in my legs, which was strange as the night before the pain was clearly in the heels of my ankles. It wasnt exactly painful and it wasnt exactly comfortable sort of in between. So thinking I had not done myself any harm I decided to again drown my socks in a quarter bottle of aftershave and then marinate both feet in the same boots that had caused the blisters for 14 hours only stopping at lunchtime for an additional drowning with the rest of the bottle. That nights as I crawled into bed it was the same pain as the night before. Unfortunately I had none of my medically recommended aftershave to dull the pain (yeah right)!

That next morning is nothing I can describe. My feet resembled Bigfoots! They were huge, no pain, just huge. This kind of got me thinking that maybe emptying a bottle of aftershave on my ankles was not such a good idea after all. Like I said there was no pain until after I tried to stand up, friends let me tell you as soon as I put my feet on the floor I knew it was game over for the rest of the week. I can honestly say it was the most pain I have ever been in, like nothing I have ever known.

The producers took me to the hospital and the doctor told me that due to my self-help method of treatment, I had given myself a very severe staff infection. It took a two week dose of antibiotics and a further two weeks of doing nothing for the pain, swelling and infection to go, and although I regret it big time I have to say that my feet had never before or after ever smelt so good. Incase you were wondering the aftershave in question was Gucci, and no I do not recommend anyone copy what I did, do what most normal people do and go see a doctor!

The second injury happened on November 18th 2006. This day I will always remember as the day I almost cut off my hand. It was on a show that we filmed in Ohio for the lovely Thomas family. Dad was a former marine who had served his country and loved every minute of it. He had also done something quite unbelievable. He was the person who had rescued the two Port Authority Officers from the rubble of the World Trade Center after they had collapsed on 9/11.

Now this is a man who is a hero, for not only rescuing these two men but also recovering bodies, so as to give closure to a lot of families. I wanted to really build something for him to enjoy and remember, but I had no idea what. It took me a day and a half to think of it, but when I did it hit me like a bolt of lighting. I had decided to build him an American flag. It was going to be three foot wide by five foot long, with a really cool effect of making it look like it was blowing in the wind. This meant I had to carve and sculpt the whole thing. Now I was slightly nervous as I had not carved anything in over seven years but I knew that if I took my time I could hopefully produce a beautiful work of art.

It was the day before the family came home, and everything was going great, we were probably four hours from finishing, when I say we I mean Anthony Leone and myself. Anthony is this great guy who first helped us in Kentucky on a show and then drove from Kentucky to be with us in Ohio. I have to say it is always a pleasure to work with talented men and women who come back to help us later on another show. It goes to show that their hearts are in the right place. Lets face it anyone who drives hundreds of miles and then pays for their own hotel and loses money from their own work, which they have put on hold to be with us, definitely gets my respect!

So there we are four hours from finishing and I slip and fall and put my hand down on a mini angle grinder with a chainsaw-toothed blade, which is spinning at 12,000rpm. Friends, lets just say the next 30 minutes before I got to the hospital were just a blur and very messy. Anthony was a fireman and as soon as I cut my hand he knew exactly what to do. He ripped off his Volunteer blue shirt and wrapped it around my wrist and hand like a tourniquet; he carried me outside and laid me down, all the while holding my arm above my heart. He then called people to go and get the local fire department to come and give me immediate treatment. Just so you guys know on every show we have to have the local fire service on site in case of fire or injuries. Anthony, thank you big man for what you did that day, you are a diamond!

So three EMT/firemen rush me to hospital with blood pouring from a six inch long by one and a half inch wide cut on the palm of my left hand. In the fire truck are the three firemen along with Dave Landry, who is one of our cameramen, Chris Clifford who is one of our soundmen and Denise Cramsey who is the Executive Producer and boss of EMHE. That half hour journey was a mixture of tears, pain, laughter (due to the morphine) and being very worried. The whole time I am thinking, well Ed there are not many one handed actors, there are not many one handed hosts and there are not many one-handed furniture makers. There was also something else that had me very worried but I will tell you later.

I get to the hospital and I am greeted by a very nice man by the name of Dr. Lawrence Lubbers who very calmly tells me everything is going to be ok, to which I kind of answer back rather abruptly with what do you mean alright, look at the state of my hand. To which again he answers very calmly with "Ed I re-attach peoples fingers, hands and arms, trust me you are going to be fine". He was right he made ground beef look like fillet mignon!

Click here to view pictures of Ed's (stitched up) hand (*WARNING THESE ARE VERY GRAPHIC PHOTOS).

As I write this I am currently on a plane to Ohio to see him so he can check out my hand and maybe do a little follow up surgery. Friends I really, really know how close I came to losing my hand, PLEASE if you like to do a little DIY at home and you have to use power tools please make sure the area around you is clear of anything you might trip on, always use the appropriate push sticks or other safety tools that come with the chosen tool, you feel competent to use the power tool, wear the proper protection, never wedge or unscrew safety switches or guards and always, always keep your eyes on what you are doing. My hand was on the blade for only a second and it nearly took it off and this is a tool I have used for nearly twenty years. Trust me it only takes a second, I came out of it with over 250 stitches and a six inch long scar to always remind me how close I came!

I also feel very fortunate that I was in Ohio as they have one of the best hand surgery units in the country, coupled with a great hand therapy unit. So to Dr. Lubbers and Kathleen Villacres and everyone at Hand and Micro Surgery Associates everyone at Columbus Hand Therapy and all of the Doctors and Nurses who took care of me at Riverside Methodist Hospital, I would like to say thank you very much for taking great care of me. All of you are diamonds!

I just said that there was something else that had me very worried when I injured my hand and it was the thought that I might not be able to properly help my wife raise our son who is four and our new future additions to the Sanders family that will arrive in June. You see, my wife is four and a half months pregnant, with triplets. We cannot wait to see and hold our new babies, I feel like a kid at Christmas. Like I said at the beginning of this very long blog, I will do my best to update it as much as possible so you all know what is going on and happening with the countdown to a possible three years without sleep.

I will also start letting everyone who is in my address book on my web site, what states and cities I will be in with the show so you can come down and see all the guys and girls on the show, all I ask is that you let me know who you are and please tell me that you have written to my site before so I can thank you personally.

This really is a great show to work on and I am reminded every time I am filming something sad and I look up to see my cameraman, soundman or producer wiping away tears because they have been affected by what we are filming. I have never been so happy and so proud to say I work on Extreme Makeover Home edition Ok gang, I hope you all continue to enjoy the show and what we are all doing to help families across America.

Please all stay safe and be lucky, Ed

p.s. to all of you who have asked, I am sorry to say that I am not the voice behind the Gecko on the Geico commercial. You all have no idea how many times I have been asked that.

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